MANA is the Association for Manufacturers Who Require the Utmost Professionalism From Their Agent Partners

As a manufacturer that outsources the sales function to independent manufacturers’ agents, you want to create relationships with the most professional manufacturers’ agents willing to work with you. The more professional the manufacturers’ agent, the more they sell for you.

On the other side of the relationship, the manufacturers’ agents want to partner with the highest quality manufacturers willing to work with them.

The goal is to create long-term and mutually profitable relationships, a “Partners in Profits” relationship.

9 Steps to “High Quality” Status With Manufacturers’ Agents

There’s a lot more to high quality than just the products and services they provide. Product quality, on-time delivery, responsiveness to customer issues are a given. That’s not the focus of this program.

Below we outline the steps to achieve the characteristics of high-quality manufacturers, as seen in the eyes of a manufacturers’ agent.

4. Develop Trust and Open Communications With Manufacturers’ Reps

6. Create Mutual Action Plans on How to Grow Territory Sales

7. Set Up Territory Visits for Maximum Benefit

High-quality manufacturers abide by MANA’s Code of Ethics